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Our franchise directory at Franchiseek South Africa lists franchises for sale in many different areas and industries to help you find your ideal franchise opportunity. There are many different ways to browse franchises for sale on our franchise directory. You can either browse through our category pages or full franchise directory page for opportunities or use our advanced search bar option, which allows you to save time by searching for a franchise in your chosen area, investment range, and preferred industry, helping you find a franchise that suits your needs faster.

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What is franchising?

Franchising has become one of the most popular ways for small businesses to expand. Also, it has helped people run their own businesses with support, especially new entrepreneurs, by letting them become franchisees under a trusted brand the good thing about franchising is it allows people to run a business for themself but not by themselves, allowing you to get access to training and to see a fast return on your investment this is why franchised businesses have much lower failure rates than independent businesses if you want to learn more about franchising we suggest you check out our franchising news page where you can learn more about franchising completely FREE of charge our franchising news page covers many areas of franchising helping you learn everything you need to know before franchising your business or investing as a new entrepreneur into an existing franchise business.

Why buy a franchise?

There are many benefits to buying a franchise you would not get with other business opportunities:

Proven business model – When you invest in a franchise, you get access to a proven business model that has been tried and tested, allowing you to avoid the many pitfalls you can make when entering the world of business by yourself.

Higher success ratesFranchise businesses are known to have much higher success rates than independent businesses. In fact, according to the franchise association of South Africa (FASA), the failure rate of franchisees in South Africa is less than 10% making them much better investments than starting your own independent business since according to the University Of Western Cape 80% of small businesses fail in the first five years.

Training & Support – When you buy a franchise, you will receive training & support from your franchisor and franchisee support network. This will help you avoid any potential problems or mistakes you could make when running your franchise business, allowing you to see a faster return on your investment (ROI)

Trusted brand name – Franchises are considered much safer investments than most business opportunities because new franchisees can take advantage of trading under an already established and trusted brand name within the industry of their choice, making it easier to get customers through the door.

If buying a franchise sounds like the ideal option for you to get into business, feel free to browse our directory of the best franchises for sale currently recruiting new franchisees in South Africa.

How to use Franchiseek South Africa to contact franchisors currently recruiting new franchisees

Now that you know why you should consider buying a franchise and what a franchise is, you may be wondering how I get in touch with franchisors using Franchiseek South Africa. The best way to do this is to do an advanced search covering your desired franchise location, preferred industry & investment range. Once you see a franchise for sale you have an interest in, you can make an enquiry through clicking on the “Request FREE Info” button. Once you have clicked on this button you will be taken to a page to complete your enquiry. From here, we will ask you for some basic contact information in order for the franchisor to be able to get in touch with you. Once you have sent your enquiry you should hear from the franchisor shortly to learn more about your chosen franchise opportunity.

How to get faster responses using Franchiseek South Africa

Now you know how to make an enquiry to any of our listed franchises to buy, you may be wondering what is the best way to get faster responses using our directory. The best way to do this would be to create a shortlist of franchise opportunities using our list of franchises in South Africa you are interested in. This way, you can contact a few of our SA franchises at a time to get an idea of which one would suit your needs and receive faster responses, as some franchisors may take longer to respond than others.

Good luck on your franchising journey!

Finally, from all of our team at Franchiseek South Africa, we wish you the best on your franchising journey to find your ideal franchise.

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