Dallas Fried Chicken ®️

Dallas Fried Chicken ®️

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At Dallas Fried Chicken, we take immense pride in bringing you the true essence of Dallas, infused with the irresistible charm of our mouthwatering chicken delicacies.

Our journey began with a dream to serve our community with authentic Texan hospitality and the finest fried chicken that captures the spirit of this great state.

Inspired by the rich history and vibrant culture of Dallas, we have carefully crafted each recipe to reflect the warmth and flavours that make this city truly special. Our chicken is not just a dish; it’s a tribute to the hardworking ranchers and cowboys who helped shape this land, and it’s a nod to the culinary traditions that have been passed down through generations.

But Dallas Fried Chicken is more than just a place to savour delectable meals. It’s a gathering spot for friends and families to come together, share stories, and create cherished memories. With a cozy, rustic ambiance reminiscent of Texan charm, our restaurant welcomes you to experience true Southern hospitality, one chicken piece at a time.

Our business model at Dallas Fried Chicken is intricately designed to cater to the needs of a diverse target market spanning LSM 3 to 7. We are strategically positioned near key retail establishments, within bustling malls, and vibrant urban areas, allowing us to seamlessly integrate into the lives of families, students, and professionals alike. Our commitment to culinary excellence, combined with our astute understanding of the modern consumer, makes us the preferred choice for those seeking a fulfilling dining experience in the heart of bustling communities. 

The opportunity

  1. Authentic Dallas Flavours: Our recipes are inspired by the rich culinary heritage of Dallas, ensuring every bite delivers the true essence of Texan taste and tradition. 
  2. Diverse Menu Appeal: With offerings catering to families, students, and professionals, our menu diversity ensures a wide customer base, leading to sustainable revenue streams. 
  3. Strategic Locations: Positioned near prominent retail outlets, within busy malls, and thriving urban areas, we offer prime real estate for franchisees to tap into a steady flow of foot traffic. 
  4. Proven Franchise Model: Our well-established team, backed by extensive market research, provides franchisees with a blueprint for success, from pre-launch to operations. 
  5. Community-Centric Approach: We're committed to nurturing local communities by sourcing ingredients locally, providing employment opportunities, and supporting local initiatives. 
  6. Exquisite Quality Control: Our stringent quality control measures ensure consistency across all franchises, maintaining the excellence our customers have come to expect. 
  7. Flexible Investment Options: We offer tailored investment packages, making it easier for potential franchisees to embark on their entrepreneurial journey with us. 
  8. Comprehensive Support: From training and marketing assistance to ongoing operational guidance, our support system empowers franchisees for long-term success.

Benefits of being a franchisee

Comprehensive Support: From training and marketing assistance to ongoing operational guidance, our support system empowers franchisees for long-term success

Franchise information:
Establishment cost (range):

(Capital required to open a store)

R2 000 000  - R2 500 000

Recommended Working Capital:

R 240 000.00

Upfront Fee:

R 125 000.00. joining Fee. Excl.vat.

Total Investment Amount:
(Total amount inclusive of establishment cost, upfront fee and working capital)

R  2.113750.00 vat incl

Management service fee/Royalty:

5%  of turnover


2% of turnover

Areas available

  1. Zandspruit - Gauteng
  2. Giyani - Limpopo
  3. Komatipoort (New site) - Mpumalanga