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Introduction to The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board® (“TAB”) makes a difference in the lives of business owners and their businesses, helping them become more profitable, more productive and lead more fulfilled lives. Successful businesses lead to empowered employees that lead to transformed communities – Therein lies our goal of changing 1 million lives.

The Franchise Opportunity

The heart of the TAB offering is our business-owner peer advisory boards. In a candid and confidential setting, entrepreneurs & business owners from non-competing companies in diverse industries meet monthly to discuss the opportunities, challenges, and issues they each face in their businesses and markets. These business owners, whom we refer to as Board Members, gather the collective experience of their peers around the table to explore possibilities for increased productivity and profitability. Being among peers also means that Members hold each other accountable for their commitments and execution of strategies. In addition to the peer boards, we meet monthly with each Member in a private coaching meeting to laser focus on their business goals, thereby enhancing planning, execution, and accountability in a structured manner. Our proprietary Business Builder’s Blueprint™ is an online system that provides our Members unrestricted access to their business’ operating rhythm, 24/7. The Alternative Board helps Members run their businesses more strategically, and this leads to more fulfilling lives, which is what our Franchise Opportunity is all about.

THE ALTERNATIVE BOARD believes that our approach to, and tools offered to private business owners, provide them with the QUAD-FECTA of support to run their businesses. The four main pillars of our QUAD-FECTA are:

Peer Advisory Boards

Monthly confidential meeting of non-competitive business owners to discuss real-life opportunities, challenges and topics that will individually enable each member to run their business strategically.

Private Coaching

Monthly private coaching meetings, where we guide business owners on planning and running their businesses towards achieving their personal and company goals.

Proprietary Software and Tools

TAB has developed the Business Builder’s Blueprint™ as an exclusive online system – an entrepreneurial MRI. It not only helps plan the business but monitors progress on execution thereof on an ongoing basis. Additionally, within the Blueprint, TAB Connect links each of our Members to more than 4,000 other business owners globally to access their inputs on specific topics that our members individually may experience.


StratPro is TAB’s strategic business transformation process for owners and their management teams. This is where strategy meets productivity. StratPro consists of multiple workshops and planning sessions, exclusive to the leadership team of a business. Through StratPro we align the vision, communication, planning and execution of business strategy, thereby aligning the management team to work towards a common goal and leading the business to improved productivity and greater profitability.

Further to our QUAD-FECTA, TAB gives business owners access to Strategic Consulting, Training and Professional Networking.

TAB Franchise Owners advises business owners beyond coaching; we clarify their personal visions and align their businesses to achieve those goals. We change the operating rhythm of the business.

Benefits of Becoming a Franchisee

Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world...

TAB Franchise Owners are uniquely positioned to succeed in a constantly evolving business environment thanks to our committed support, both in-person and virtual. We have crafted systems and protocols to ensure an effective digital experience across all our offerings. TAB has streamlined your ability to connect with your clients and TAB community, even online.

During our intensive and interactive initial training, our national and global team will guide you step-by-step through the essential areas of:

  • Marketing for and acquisition of new Members
  • Interviewing and signing new Members
  • Strategies for Board composition
  • Using the full range of TAB’s proprietary tools, including the Business Builder’s Blueprint™
  • Facilitation techniques
  • Running coaching sessions
  • Member retention

All our training is highly participative. We are firm believers that to truly learn something, you must do it for yourself that's why we do our strategic planning on the Business Builder's Blueprint™. We also provide ongoing advanced training to TAB Franchise Owners, continually enhancing their coaching and facilitation skills, as well as offering training to certify as a StratPro™ facilitator.

Our training programme ensures new Franchise Owners are confident and capable from the very beginning.

We support you in recruiting Members to establish TAB Member Boards and in providing the full range of TAB services to retain those Members for the long term. Our global Net-Promoter-Score is 9.0/10 which indicates the level of satisfaction clients receive from TAB. Additionally, our average client retention is 4.9 years which significantly underlines the value added to the lives of these business owners and their companies.

Together with a TAB Franchise Owner’s initial training, we guide them through their marketing planning using our Integrated Member Acquisition Programme (“IMAP”) whereby we help them craft their marketing strategy for success. This is monitored monthly for at least the first 12 months to ensure our new Franchise Owners remain dedicated to their own planning and success. In addition, TAB requires our Franchise Owners to participate in their own peer boards as well as encourage them to attend a multitude of webinars and community calls where international best practice is shared among our more than 400 global TAB Franchise Owners

Further Information

  • Establishment Cost: POA
  • Asking Price: R650,000
  • Management Service Fee / Royalty: Monthly Royalty of 20% of turnover, reducing to 10% upon reaching the threshold. 

There is a monthly administration fee per member that covers all costs towards your CRM system and software tools. Our local head office administers all invoicing and collections on behalf of our Franchise Owners, which frees them to focus on running their TAB franchise businesses, which is why they joined us in the first place, not to do admin.

Franchise Marketing 

Contribution to global Marketing Development Fund of 2% of turnover.

Areas Available

  • Eastern Cape
  • Free State, Gauteng
  • KwaZulu-Natal
  • Limpopo
  • Mpumalanga
  • Northern Cape
  • Northwest
  • Western Cape