Start These Five Franchises Without Any Prior Industry Experience


Are you dreaming of becoming your own boss but worried about lacking industry experience? Fear not! The franchise business model offers a fantastic opportunity to step into entrepreneurship with a proven system and support network. Here are five franchises you can start without any prior industry experience:

1. Fitness Franchise: 

Do you love fitness but have never worked in the industry? No problem! Fitness franchises like F45, BODYTEC or Curves provide comprehensive training programmes for franchisees. With a passion for fitness and a willingness to learn, you can successfully run a fitness franchise.

2. Cleaning Franchise: 

Cleaning franchises such as Maid4U are ideal for those seeking a simple and scalable business model. These franchises often provide training in cleaning techniques and business operations, allowing you to start without prior experience.

3. Fast Food Franchise: 

Fast-food franchises like Pie City, Honchos, or Dallas Fried Chicken offer strong brand recognition and support for franchisees. With a passion for quality and customer service, you can learn the ropes of a simple fast-food outlet with the help of these franchises.

4. Education Franchise: 

Education franchises such as Kumon or Creative Minds offer franchise opportunities for those passionate about education. These franchises provide training in their teaching methods, allowing you to start a rewarding business in the education sector.

5. Home Improvement Franchise: 

Home improvement franchises like DIY Depot or Shadeworx are perfect for those interested in the home services industry. With training in home improvement techniques and business operations, you can start a successful franchise.


Starting a franchise without industry experience is possible with the right franchise opportunity and a willingness to learn. With comprehensive training programmes and ongoing support from the franchisor, you can embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey in any of these five franchise industries.

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